Pelle Hörnmark

Pelle has been in full time ministry for 33 years now. He worked in the Horn of Africa, as a senior pastor, and is the superintendent of the Swedish Pentecostal movement. His studies include building engineering, Bible college, and leadership and organizational development. Pelle is currently president of the Pentecostal European Fellowship, which is a network of over 5 million believers in Europe. 

Igors Rautmanis 

Igors has a degree in theological studies as well as has a MA in Cross Cultural Studies, Leadership and Pedagogy. He founded a non-profit organization in Latvia and is a mentor to many leaders throughout Europe. Igors holds a strong belief that we can only succeed if someone comes alongside us. Therefore, his mission is to help leaders, teams, and organizations function in alignment with their calling and purpose. 

Sašo Georgievski

Sašo is a pastor in Kumanovo, Macedonia. He is the director of a Bible school. Sašo has a degree in theology and a PHD in philosophy. He has also written several books and is an expert in church history. 

Special Guest Presenters

Pastor Jovica is a true pioneer and leader among believers in the Balkan nations. Jovica moved to Podgorica Montenegro over 20 years ago to pioneer a church in one of the least reached countries in the world. Through dedication, commitment, his trust and reliance on the Lord, Jovica has persevered faithfully pioneered ministry and now pastors the  Crkva Hristovog Evanđelja, Podgorica, Montenegro.  

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