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voditi z namenom is a subsidiary of Podvig d.o.o., which is a network of leaders committed to advancing people towards their potential. We have networks in Australia,

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, 

Macedonia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United  Kingdom, the United States, and other countries to draw from.


Voditi z namenom works with churches, Christian organizations, and individuals to coach and encourage emerging leaders towards their personal potential.

Terms of Business

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

On our webpage, we want to offer products to our visitors under the most favorable conditions. Voditi z namenom will supply books through krscanskeknjige.si,  using their terms and conditions. For all information, users can call 041 950 705. We also take care to protect and respect the privacy of our visitors and users.

PODVIG d.o.o. and the buyer are bound by these general terms and conditions when purchasing online.


All prices are in EUR.



PODVIG d.o.o. treats accepted and confirmed orders online as irrevocable. In case of mistake in ordering, the buyer can cancel the order at no extra cost within one (1) day after confirming the order by e-mail or phone.


Offer validity

The validity of the price for the selected good or service is valid on the date of purchase and confirmation, i.e. on the day of completion and placing the order online.

The right to withdraw from the purchase contract

According to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has the right to inform the company within 15 days of receiving the goods that he / she is withdrawing from the contract without having to give reasons for this decision. It must then ship the goods to the company within 15 days of the date of the notice of resignation to: PODVIG doo, Celovška cesta 70, p.p. 6030, 1000 Ljubljana. In doing so, it will cover the cost of the refund. If the consumer returns the goods to the company within the term of cancellation of the contract, that is within 15 days, this shall be considered as a notice of withdrawal.

Returned products must be intact and properly protected. The buyer cannot return the ordered goods under the mentioned conditions in the following cases:

- if it has already opened the shipment and unpacked the product from its original packaging for audio, video and books.

- for the supply of newspapers, magazines and similar periodicals.

We will refund your refund within 15 days by post or credit card (you only need to provide this upon your return).

PODVIG d.o.o. 

Voditi z namenom

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